Promise & The Monster

Feed the Fire is an album about murders and personal failures. About twisted desires, victims and perpetuators shifting places. Why do we stay with people who harms us?  How long can we stretch the silence before the explosion? And how can we eventually destroy everything?

Originally hailing from the North of Sweden, Promise & The Monster grew up listening to her fathers country band rehearsing in the same house, and her mother playing jazz records in living room. She began playing the guitar and writing songs on her own when she was thirteen years old, and when relocating to Stockholm in her late teens she quickly got signed by imperial Recordings, and made two folk goth albums. For a couple of years she played with doomgaze band Stiu nu Stiu, and made several collaborations with bands in the Stockholm psych folk and dark rock scene, and also with artists and novel writers. During the last few years she has worked on an album of her own that is a continuation of the themes of her earlier solo work,

Feed the Fire is a record both stark and dreamlike, with high pitched vocals whirling around a dense core of guitars and space machines. The album was picked up by Bella Union and will be released in spring 2015

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